There are a lot of snapshots from my childhood. Photos of me and my brother playing at the beach, at holidays, playing together in our backyard. There are even some shots of us with my dad, but looking through our family photos it’s almost impossible to find a photo of my mom. There’s the one of her pregnant with my brother, and the one of her at cutting the cake at my birthday party. But hardly no portraits of my whole family all together. Not many portraits showing me what we looked like all together as a family we grew through the years.

There’s a saying I love, “The days are long but the years are short,” that reminds us that the time we have with our kids at any age is fleeting. Sometimes it may seem like otherwise, when they are painting the wall with crayons or when they are singing ‘Let It Go’ for the thirty-fourth time today. But then it seems like all you do is blink and your baby is in high school.

Family portraits Perth photographerPerth Family portraits on beach

Family portraits

With your precious family time flying by so quickly, family portraits matter. Recording memories matters. Setting aside just a few hours every year to capture your family’s love and unique relationship truly has the biggest return on investment of anything your family will do together. These will be images that your daughter collects when she makes a slideshow for her wedding or the images that your grandchildren pore over to see what their dad used to look like.

I believe that annual family portraits are more precious than anything else you could buy. These are the things that childhood memories are made up of. These are the moments that your kids will be looking for in twenty years.

Most of all, I believe that Mom needs to get in front of the camera, instead of behind. Don’t make your kids have to search for the one moment that you were all in a photo together. Think about how much your own mom was part of your childhood, and how much you wish you could see that when you look at your family photos. You are the most important person in your child’s life, make sure you exist in photos for them.

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    Linda - It’s so true. The days are long, but the years are short. I blinked and my little chubby baby is now six. I’m glad I’ve made sure to get family photos taken every couple of years.ReplyCancel

This gorgeous family of 4 traveling all the way from Singapore came to my studio a few months ago. Baby Mirha slept through most of the session in the studio. What an adorable little girl. Besides beautifully shots of your newborn baby I also offer to take family photos and if clients bring a sibling of course we try to get a an image of the siblings together. Who doesn’t want such a photo on the wall at home.

Sibling shot

As a Perth newborn and family Photographer, you are often challenged at sessions to get the “sibling shot”.

Whilst as simple as it sounds it really does come as one of “the.most.challenging.shots.ever”…. especially in the midst of a newborn session which is already challenging enough on it’s own. This little girl didn’t feel like having an image taken of her and her brand new sister. It took a while but finally we managed to get at least a few.

Blanket, bowl and fluff used during this session are from one of my favourite vendors A little life fabric and props, Little jar big dreams,  and Flovelies from NZ.

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Tummy posing newborn babySleeping newborn Perth babySleeping baby on tummySleeping baby on tummyNewborn sleeping on hands with wrapBack pose newborn babyDad mum and two childrenGirl kissing baby sisterDaddy and his daughtersBig sister holding little sisterMum and daughter kissing newborn girlBaby in basket asleepSleeping Perth baby girl

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To say I’m behind with blogging is an understatement ;-)! Life and work is getting in the way of sitting down with a cup of tea and write about the sessions I have done. The past few months I have photographed so many gorgeous newborns, babies and families. I feel honoured to be able to capture moments in peoples life that become a lifetime memory to treasure.

Baby Ella

Beautiful little Ella came to the studio for her sitter session. The moment she and her mum walked into my studio she melted my heart. Mum and I went through the many sitter outfits I have available in my newborn / baby studio. She chose this beautiful outfit from one of my favourite vendors Handmade by LULULU, isn’t it just devine. We took a few photos on one of my wooden backdrops, then a few on my drops from the talented Connie from sideshow backdrops. At the end of the session we took a few photos on the bed in my studio. Ella was very curious and loved looking at the camera. What a little doll she is!

Here is a snippet from the beautiful Ella and her gorgeous mum.

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Baby Perth close-up portraitBaby Perth sitter^ month old baby sitting on wooden backdropBaby girl on floor rug looking in camera7 month old baby on bed in studioBaby looking in camera with Christmas headbandBaby Ella sitting on bed posing for cameraBaby Ella on bed with bear romperElla and her mum on bed photo session Perth



Choosing a Newborn Photographer

Exciting times ahead! You’re expecting a baby…your belly is growing and your house is filling. Napies, cot, cute outfits! Whether this is your first or your third, you are preparing!

And, you’re wondering will her hair be curly, what will his little nose look like, will she have my eyes or her Dad’s lips? There are so many new things to look forward to and so many moments to be prepared for. You are preparing a nursery and collecting clothes and supplies, researching pediatricians and reading parenting articles.

What about a newborn photographer? What is newborn photography? Why is it different from any other photography? What do I need to consider when choosing a newborn photographer for our newborn portraits?
Newborn baby portrait in prop

Newborn photography

Newborn photography is a bit of a unique genre in the photography world because it requires a completely different set of skills for posing and lighting than any other type of photography. Maybe you have a favorite photographer that you follow on social media and you just love all of their beautiful lifestyle and lovely family posing photos, and you just know, that’s who you want to do your newborn photos!


But, do they have a newborn portfolio? This is important! If not, keep looking for a newborn photographer. Someone can have the most amazing wedding images you’ve ever seen and be an outstanding portrait photographer, but if they’ve never posed a newborn, well then they might not be the right match for your newborn photography needs.


If they do…GREAT! Look at those photos only, and assess. Do you like the style, the posing, lighting, props?

If you do connect with their style, then it’s time to move on to the next question…… safety.

Newborn family portrait

Safety used by your photographer

When inquiring with a photographer ask them about safety! How are the poses achieved? Do they use compositing for the more difficult poses? Does the photographer have a liability insurance. Is the photographer trained. Newborn safety goes well beyond your everyday photography skills. Your newborn photographer should be educated in newborn safety and wellness, how to composite images so that the infant is never left on their own, and of course health and cleanliness. Remember, photography is not regulated by any health or safety committees, so it is up to you to make sure that the photographer you choose is knowledgeable in infant care and safety as well as possessing great photography skills. When it comes to newborn posing, there are a lot of behind the scenes safety measures that should be met at all times.

So you’ve determined that you love a photographer’s style and you’ve verified that they know how to keep your infant safe while achieving amazing images…what’s next? 

Newborn photo composite

Newborn safety while doing poet sack pose in studio

Final product

Now it’s time to think about what you want as a final product. Are you hanging canvases on the wall, do you want an album you can cherish forever, prints to share with family, birth announcements? You will want to make sure that you know what the photographer offers for products and that they are in line with what you are interested in. You’re newborn will change so fast, and before you know it you’ll have a teenager (trust me, I have some experience here…nothing can prepare you for how fast they grow up!), you will want to make sure you have the keepsakes that are important to you and help you capture that memory forever!

Newborn portrait on beanbag

Searching for your perfect newborn photographer should be a part of the fun and excitement! But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming. I hope this helps guide you as to some things to compare and consider when making such an important decision!





Mini sessions for babies in Perth!

Hey all.
So I’ve had this idea for a while now. Because I get so many requests from moms that “just need a few quick pics” but don’t dare go to a mall chain ’cause….ewwwwww.

Whether it’s because your baby just got a new haircut, the most amazing smile or they just got their first teeth…whatever. Your baby is cute right now and needs pics…ASAP!

And yes….I will also be including a maternity and a newborn option; keep reading.

Sooo….here’s the details:

baby mini sessions

For babies 4 months and up

They will take place on Mondays only because well, it’s in the name.

They will be in the studio only.

They will cost $350.

They will include wardrobe, props etc.

They will include 10 high resolution digital images.

They will last approx 45 minutes.

No siblings.

and now for newborns………

newborn mini sessions

They will take place on Mondays only.

They will be in the studio only.

They will cost $475.

They will include wardrobe, props etc.

They will include 10 high resolution digital images.

They will last up to one and a half hour only.

No siblings.

and now for bellies…….

maternity mini sessions

They will take place on Mondays only.

They will be in the studio only.

They will cost $275.

They will include wardrobe.

They will include 5 high resolution digital images.

They will last approx 30 minutes.

No children. No spouse. Just you.


Has grandma been bugging you for updated photos?
Need new pics to share on social media?
On a smaller budget but still want some great quality images?

Well then this is for you.

Contact the studio now to book yours because we will only be scheduling a limited number each month.

See you soon!



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